LensCulture Portrait Awards

Hi everyone, I need your SUPPORT. Please, check my link, leave me your comments and stars.Inner peace is a series of self-portraits. My spiritual journey of finding inner peace amid global chaos. #Lensculture #PortraitAwards2021 #Selfportrait https://www.lensculture.com/yannis-lobaina/event-submissions

I leave you my music from February, which as some know, is my favourite month of the entire calendar.

A big hug, and keep taking good care of each other, both mentally and physically.

Hola a todos, necesito su APOYO. Por favor, revisa mi enlace, déjame tus comentarios y estrellas.
Inner peace es una serie de autorretratos. Mi viaje espiritual de encontrar la paz interior en medio del caos global. https://www.lensculture.com/yannis-lobaina/event-submissions

Les dejo mi música de Febrero, que cómo algunos saben, es mi mes favorito de todo el calendario.

Un gran abrazo, y sigan cuídandose mucho, tanto mental como físicamente.


5 respuestas a “LensCulture Portrait Awards”

  1. Yannis, When I hear or see anything made by you, I immediately know is going to be uplifting and full of soul. Seeing you grown to become a prolific artist and one that with time has found her voice beyond all languages, materials or geography frontiers fills me with pride and makes me believe that we can all get there if we really accept the journey.

    Keep making magic happen, we need more of that in the world.

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    • Dear Gisselle, friend, thank you,Gracias, Gracias. Waking up with your message in this cold and gray city brightens my day. You are a great artist too. As you know, I celebrate each step because only I know how hard it is for me to create a productive day in my new life as a mother and an artist. Thank you for your support and beautiful words. You are My Sunshine! Blessing!

      Me gusta

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