Happy and safe Holidays, everyone! 

Happy and safe Holidays everyone!

I don’t believe in new year resolutions, but I do believe in making one single promise to yourself – about turning a positive act into an effortless way of life – that nurtures you, that fills you with gratitude.

Take care and may we ALL have time to renew, reset, restart and reconnect with our soul, mind, spirit and body!  

I know that coping with loss, grief, solitude or homesickness during the holidays can be hard to deal with. 


Take your own time to reflect on your journey,

take time for yourself to enjoy your inner child, 

Make calls to create a zoom meeting with people you love and want to say thanks to.

Read the book you are waiting for,

Take the long shower or bath you always dream of doing. 

Thanks for being here with me!

Thanks for your support! 

See you  soon in #2023 

Check out this amazing playlist of Relaxing jazz tunes to set the holiday mood!

 The soothing tones of jazz music relax the body and promote a calm mind.

 Enjoy, Love from my family and me, 



 I love this playlist as well, I hope you enjoy it, 

[Try Listening For 15 Mins], Alpha Waves Heal The Damage In The Body, DNA Repair, Full Body Massage

Les deseo felices fiestas, próspero año y felicidad!

Les regalo una de mis fotografías de la serie Stillness 

Les regalo una de mis fotografías de la serie Stillness 


Happy and safe Holidays everyone!

Please, take a moment to watch and resonate with this video:

Lessons from Geese: Line of One

Line of One is a very powerful team value. It is about working together with each other and for each other. Is it about mutual support.

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