Where the Magic Happens/ “Outside your Comfort Zone”

En esta sección de mi blog, les iré contando sobre mi primer corto documental “Where the Magic Happens – Outside your comfort zone”. 

I am profoundly grateful to have received the micro-grant from Platform A by Art Starts, Platform A, and Toronto Arts Council. Since He helped me developed my idea of this short documentary.

My short documentary Where the Magic Happens is Nine stories, nine countries: A short documentary that illustrates the challenges of painters, visual artists, entrepreneurs, and a sales representative. They tell us about how they immigrated and settled in Toronto, this amazing and multicultural city.


Los protagonistas de estas historias, a ellos les debo mucho, y siempre les estaré agradecida por la gran confianza de dejarme filmarlos y ser parte de mí vida.

“Where the Magic Happens – Outside your comfort zone”


Poonam Sharma.  India. Photo By Yannis Lobaina



Tatiana syniuchenko. Kiev. Photo By Yannis Lobaina


Oscar Chu. Brasil. Photo By Yannis Lobaina


Aitak Sorahitalab. Tehran. Photo Yannis Lobaina


Aine Belton. Ireland. Photo By Yannis Lobaina


Juan Clemente Carbonell. Cuban. Photo By Yannis Lobaina


Emiko Saka.  Japan. Photo By Yannis Lobaina


Mao Correa. Colombia. Photo Yannis Lobaina.



Vicky Chiappari. Argentina.


            Director, Writer , Camera & Producer Yannis Lobaina.

Lobaina is a Cuban writer, producer and film-maker born in February of 1979. She has been working for more than ten years on the creation of audiovisuals, cultural events, music shows and events as a Producer and Director Assistant.

Graduated from the International School of Cinema, Radio, and TV in Cuba (EICTV).Her audiovisual works have won awards at prestigious international festivals. Some of them are: “Estonia”. Short Documentary, Production Direction, 2011. “Solo hay una”. Short Fiction, Production Direction, 2011, “Alter ego” . Short Fiction, Producer, 2011. “Afinidades” Largometraje Co production Cuba/ Spain Pre-Production Producer, 2009. ICAIC. “Mi casa es tu casa” Production Direction, 2008. “The Closest Farthest Away”. Assistant Production Manager, 2007. “Filiberto”. Short Fiction, Producer, 2006.

Yannis is also, a recipient of a Micro –Grant 2016 in Toronto, currently working in her short Documentary Where the Magic Happens, her first work as Director, Producer and Writer. She is one of the heads of the Company Boromu Films Inc with Chris Brown.

Her stories have been published in countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Brazil and Barcelona, where she collaborates for magazines specialized in literature like Paralelo Sur y Revista Quimeras.
Yannis love to dream and recreated the world and its histories. That’ s what she does when she is writing, directing or helping to create a project as a producer.

You can be updated of all of her work and news on her blog:

 Yannis Lobaina

They tell us about how they immigrated and settled in Toronto, this amazing and multicultural city.

Yannis Lobaina. Director/ Writer & Producer


                Music & Editor Arema Arega-Negussie González
Arema Arega, Voronezh cold summer of 79, is a painter, a singer- songwriter and one of artists on the Havana Cultura Project. Born from an Ethiopian father and a Cuban mother, her work, both pictorial and musical, is the result of this mixture. There are Blues with Son, Bossa with Jazz, Folk with Funk and ChaChaCha. Everything under the tropical influence of Cuba.


Arema Arega. Music & Editor


                  Voice- OverDaniel Francis-Berenson

Daniel was born in London in 1981. He trained as an actor in England where he toured with several theatre companies, worked with the BBC and played a leading role in a feature film, premiered at The Brit Spotting Film Festival, Berlin.
In 2006 he arrived in Barcelona, where he gives his voice to animation, narration, TV, radio, films and documentaries.
With his stylish English accent, wide vocal register and a natural talent for accents, he is capable of inventing a vast range of original characters. His versatility, brings fresh creative energy, to all of his work.

            Daniel Francis-Berenson. Voice-Over.DANIEL


Alein Somonte Castillo

Alein Somonte Castillo. Poster Designed



Chris Brown. Producer &  A. Camera.



MAPS Where the Magic Happens Short Documentary.jpg


  1. […] Where the Magic Happens/ “Outside your Comfort Zone” […]

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • Dear Poli, Gracias, ha sido una gran ODISEA, realizar este corto sin casi presupuesto, ni tiempo ni un equipo de trabajo. Pero, los retos son los que nos hacen crecer, verdad? LIndo, volver a conectarnos!! Cuidate mucho, Un gran abrazo Viajera!!!

      Le gusta a 1 persona

      • Poli Impelli dice:

        Ufff, todo sacrificio tiene su mérito, y seguro el éxito llega cuando uno confía. Adelante con lo tuyo, que vale la pena y será bien retribuido por la vida. 😉
        Un gran abrazo de vuelta, querida Yannis. ¡Y gracias! ❤

        Le gusta a 1 persona


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