Segunda temporada de WE SHOULD TALK.

Hola, queridos amigos y lectores. Hoy, quiero compartir con ustedes mi segunda temporada de WE SHOULD TALK.

“We Should Talk”  Series of Bilingual (Spanish -English) Conversation Hosted and Produced   By  Yannis Lobaina. 

We should talk about Life,  Motherhood,  Dreams, Art, & Success. 

Cover artwork  “There Are Those Who See” by Joyce Aldrich. 

I am very grateful to have as a guest my new friend Jasmine, whom I met during the creative writing workshop organized by Muse Art.

And it took only a couple of hours to feel the empathy that would unite us until now. It is that sometimes, the physical distance does not matter to feel connection with the other person.

“Jasmine Delaviz. is an Iranian educator, writer, and poet who currently resides in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature.

Jasmine is the founder of Life Abroad Cultural Community (LACC), an organisation of literature, arts, and philanthropy enthusiasts that aims to connect, unite, and support  like-minded individuals in promoting the welfare of those in need, especially in the education sector.

Jasmine has a perpetually growing passion for Literature and Arts and has been sharing her love of writing with her pupils for over a decade now. Aquí pueden escuchar la convesación completa. Gracias. Bendiciones!

Jasmine recommendation:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

Feliz fin de semana | Happy weekend everyone

Hola, Hoy me gustaría compartirles las últimas fotos que subí a mi cuenta de Viewbug. Son de nuestro último viaje a Montreal, 2019.

¿Cuál te gusta más?
Feliz fin de semana a todos,

Hi, I will love to share the last photos that I uploaded to Viewbug. They are from our last trip to Montreal, 2019.

Which one do you like the most?
Happy weekend everyone,

Les comparto música para alegrar el camino y el alma,

Explore the city through poetry| Explora la ciudad a través de la poesía.

Explore the city through poetry| Explora la ciudad a través de la poesía.http://Explore the city through poetry| Explora la ciudad a través de la poesía.

Hola! Mis queridos lectores y amigos!

Hoy, quiero compartirles esta iniciativa que el poeta laureado George Elliott Clarke, la Biblioteca Pública de Toronto han creado una nueva forma de explorar la ciudad a través de la poesía. Los que me conocen saben que amo los mapas, y más aún si son literarios!

¡Abril es el mes de la poesía! Y de este lado del mar la primavera nos regala días muy lindos. Al menos, algo positivo en medio del caos en que vivimos todos mundialmente con la pandemia.

Explore the city through poetry
April is Poetry Month! Several years ago, with the help of Toronto’s fourth Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke, we created a map that helps you discover the city through poetry.

See if you can find a poem about your neighbourhood!
With the help of Toronto’s fourth poet laureate George Elliott Clarke, Toronto Public Library has created a new way to explore the city through poetry.
Using the map
Select a map marker to see excerpts of poems associated with that location. Follow the links to borrow the poetry books from the library.

Explore the map, and tell me what you discovered?

Explora la ciudad a través de la poesía
¡Abril es el mes de la poesía! Hace varios años, con la ayuda del cuarto poeta laureado de Toronto, George Elliott Clarke, creamos un mapa que te ayuda a descubrir la ciudad a través de la poesía.¡Vea si puede encontrar un poema sobre su vecindario!

Con la ayuda del cuarto poeta laureado de Toronto, George Elliott Clarke, la Biblioteca Pública de Toronto ha creado una nueva forma de explorar la ciudad a través de la poesía.

Usando el mapa
Seleccione un marcador de mapa para ver extractos de poemas asociados con esa ubicación. Siga los enlaces para tomar prestados los libros de poesía de la biblioteca.

Exploren el mapa, y cuéntame qué descubrieron?

Cómo siempre, les dejo mi playlist Sountracks to flow in April! Cuídense much,

Adiós 2020! Welcome 2021

2020 has been a tough time to reflect on our values and the use of our time. Every year-end, I do this exercise to summarize everything that happened to me.
It is an excellent opportunity to embrace the good and positive things that happened to us and learn from the negative, and acknowledge the UNIVERSE for it.

I like to do this kind of review of the year. Celebrating each step is an act of confirmation for our efforts.

Have you already done your annual review?

Safe and happy 2021 for everyone!

1. I wrote a lot. 

2. I published some stories.

3. I participated in various readings, literary gatherings and book fairs virtually

4. I finished 2 manuscripts and sent them to possible publishers.

5. I supported various groups and individuals with my knowledge of using social media.

6. I enjoyed seeing the positive behaviour and sensitivity of my daughter Amélie in her online classes.

7. Enjoy being in our family bubble more than ever.

8. I participated in the RAW Artists Canada National Arts Drive as a photographer and exhibited my new Storytelling Photographs in my window. I also supported them as Ambassador of the city of Toronto. It was a great experience. 


9.  I taught as an artist facilitator more than 20 online creative writing workshops.

10. I participated in the International Women’s day celebration.  Organized by MUse Art in Mimico Public Library. 

11. My friend Hanna Himbert gave me a very beautiful interview.–BYXs

12. I created a group on Fb of women to share our experience as women and artist mothers A MUJER(OTHERHOOD )ARTIST NETWORK (Aka AMAN) hosted by Yannis Lobaina. Diseño de Jessica Carrasco.

13. I love curating and making Playlists so music is a vital part of my daily journey.

14. I saw several people of my train of life get off. I saw others get on. I am thankful for both.

Despite everything that’s happened in 2020, a new year gives us a chance to reset, reevaluate our goals, and align ourselves with the life we want.

15. I used my time to learn new things, and study subjects that I am passionate about.

Adiós 2020! Welcome 2021! Feliz año!


Maps of Canadian Independent Bookstores. Más de 250 librerías independientes a tener en cuenta.

Maps of Canadian Independent Bookstores. Más de 250 librerías independientes a tener en cuenta.

Este Maps of Canadian Independent Bookstores, lo encontré “causalmente” hace un par de meses, en mis constantes búsqueda sobre librerías de la ciudad de Toronto. Justo, tenía la idea de hacer un mapa de las librerías independientes a las que apoyo, en dónde siempre compro mis libros. Cuando de repente, me encontré que ya otra persona lo había realizado. Maravilloso. En este mapa, hay más de 250 librerías. Les dejo el mapa, y algunas de las fotos de las que yo he visitado aquí en Toronto.

Find your local independent bookstore. Last updated August 2020.

Les deseo un lindo día, cómo siempre les dejo música a tono con la temporada de Navidad!

If you can’t fly then RUN,
If you can’t run then WALK,
If you can’t walk then CRAWL,
but whatever you do

These are the words of Martin Luther King Jr.

I hope whoever reads this keeps moving forward towards their goals. 🎯

Si no puedes volar, CORRE,
Si no puedes correr, CAMINA,
Si no puede caminar, ARRÁTESE,
pero cualquier cosa que hagas
debes seguir adelante.

Estas son las palabras de Martin Luther King Jr.

Espero que quien lea esto siga avanzando hacia sus objetivos. 🎯

Un gran abrazo de Luz,