Actividades creativas para equilibrar este aislamiento físico

Hola, queridos amigos,

Hoy , antes de compartirles, mi nuevo post sobre Actividades creativas para equilibrar este aislamiento físico. Me gustaría decirles dos cosas:

Primero, siento mucho cualquier dificultad por la que estés pasando en este momento. Todos estamos inmersos en esta jornada tan difícil, de una manera u otra el planeta tierra está sufriendo. Algunas personas, han perdido sus seres queridos, nos circunda el miedo, la incertidumbre, la dificultad y la decepción. Pero, aunque yo también de cierta manera, ando buscando mi propio equilibrio, en casa con toda la familia. Les recomiendo, que intenten mantenerse positivos, y sobretodo alertas a lo que está pasando a nuestro alrededor.

En segundo lugar, quiero agradecer a los que nos están apoyando en este momento de crisis. A todos, por hacer y dar lo mejor posible.

Por último, me gustaría compartirles , algo que me ha ayudado a mantener mi calma y poder escribir en las noches, editar mis fotos, y compartir recursos con todos ustedes, ha sido establecer una rutina familiar, y crear momentos para cada uno. Esto me ha ayudado a explorar, estudiar cursos online y expresarme en este difícil momento.

Darnos espacio para reflexionar y explorar en privado nuestros pensamientos, ideas y sentimientos, es muy importante para los que trabajamos en comunidad. Así, podremos compartir nuestras historias con otros de una manera útil y positiva.

Creative Activities for balance this physical isolation. Photo By Alex Usquiano.
Photo by Alex Usquiano.

Les dejo un video de uno de mis talleres con niños. Poco a poco, les iré compartiendo, más ideas, juegos, y videos.

How to Tell a Story  by using story Blocks with Yannis Lobaina

I love working with these blocks, they are really FUN. I used in my creatives writing workshops. With just 20 blocks, you can tell thousands of stories. In my workshops, I use these created by Daniel Nayeri and Brian Won. 

7 juegos divertidos que te ayudarán con las tareas en casa.

Creative Activities for balance this physical isolation.

Thanks to,

Alex Usquiano for the photos #1 and Cover photo.

Paola Gomez for inviting me to the Happening Kids Festival.

Laura Roja for Video # 1.

And to the workshop attendants at West Prep’s first Spanglish Creative Writing Workshop.

The game I used : How to tell a Story, created by Daniel Nayeri and Brian Won.

Y cómo siempre música para alegrar el alma. Joy Harjo, la descubrí recientemente, y me encanta.

50 recursos gratuitos de aprendizaje en línea para niños.

50 recursos gratuitos de aprendizaje en línea para niños

Hola, solo deseo y pido al UNIVERSO, que todos ustedes, se mantengan seguros, saludables y creativos durante este tiempo tan incierto. Desde mi red del tiempo, los abrazo grande!

50 recursos gratuitos de aprendizaje en línea para niños. Los he ido compilando de diversas fuentes online. Las citaré a todas al final del post. Recursos gratuitos y muy variados todos, que ayudarán a mantener a nuestros niños ocupados, entretenidos y aprendiendo mientras las escuelas están cerradas.

50 recursos gratuitos de aprendizaje en línea para niños



·      Blockly Learn computer programming skills

·      Scratch Creative computer programming






·      Ted Ed All sorts of engaging educational videos

·      Duolingo Learn languages

·      Speech Blubs Free speech therapy app.


ABCya.comEducational Games for Kids PreK – Grade 6. Topics include math, reading, typing, logic games and more. Free subscribers get access to regular games on desktop, videos, six mobile games and three ‘favourite” games per week on one device. – Cabin fever anyone? GoNoodle gets kids up and moving with fun, engaging content including dance parties, yoga sessions, mindfulness activities and games. – Created by experts, Khan Academy is a library of trusted, standards-aligned practices and lessons, covering math K-12, science, grammar, history and more. Free for learners and teachers. – In light of the recent school closures, Mystery Science has collected its most popular K-5 science lessons and is offering them for free, no login required. All lessons are expertly designed to engage students, achieve learning outcomes and for ease of use.

Mystery Doug – How is a rainbow made? Could a turtle live outside its shell? If these are mysteries your kids would like to explore, get a free account to access videos exploring hundreds of fascinating questions.

Prodigy Math – A free, engaging, curriculum-aligned platform for students in grades 1-8. Used by more than 50 million students, teachers and administrators, Prodigy Math allows parents to create an optional account from which they can set goals, give rewards and monitor progress.

Raz-Kids – An award-winning website for students K-5 to improve their reading skills. Enter your email address for access to a library of free interactive ebooks, or enter a little more information and get access to a free 14-day trial of additional resources.

Scholastic Learn at Home – Offers day-by-day projects for elementary-aged kids to keep them reading, thinking and growing. Each day includes four separate learning experiences built around a meaningful story or video. Little learners can discover things like why Zebras have stripes, or take a trip back in time to the American Revolution via virtual tour. – Now available at no cost to anyone affected by school closures, ST Math is a PreK-8 visual instruction program with a unique, patented approach that allows students to learn through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving and informative feedback.

Typing Club – A ‘masterfully designed’ typing and keyboarding website with lessons and incentives to help kids learn to touch type (ie. using all fingers without looking at the keyboard.) – A free program that helps students master the building blocks of math education – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – to help prepare them for more advanced work in fractions, decimals and higher-level math. Sign-up is quick and easy and includes instructional videos to help kids and parents get started.


ABCmouse – An award-winning learning program for kids age 2-8 that covers reading, music, math, art and more. Created by teachers and education experts, ABCmouse offers more than 10,000 learning activities for kids at all levels and has been proven to significantly increase reading skills with as little as 45-minutes a week. Free 30-day trial, then $9.99/month.

Epic! – Epic! Offers unlimited access to 35,000 of the best children’s books and videos from leading publishers like National Geographic, Smithsonian and more. $7.99/month after a 30-day free trial.

Libby – A free app that will allow kids and parents to borrow ebooks and digital audiobooks from their public library. Stream with wifi or mobile data or download for offline use.

Lightbot: Code Hour – A short teaser meant to introduce kids to coding and get them hooked, even without any experience. Appropriate for K-12. Free with no in-app purchases.

Squiggle Park – The #1 reading game for early learners, Squiggle Park helps improve the reading skills of students all over the world. The platform features personalized reading skills games that push learners to succeed at a pace that works for them.

The Four – A math app for kids age 7 and older, The Four offers kids simple and fun games and activities to help with math fundamentals. Kids can compete to see who gets the highest score.

FREE PRINTABLES – enter your email address and create a password to unlock access to hundreds of free worksheets and printables for kids.

123Homeschool4me. – Access more than 300,000 free printable worksheets for kids up to Grade 12 in subjects like math, language arts, alphabet letters, history, geography and more.

For comic books, drawing prompts and much more check out these terrific free printables from


We’re hoping to see more Canadian museums, zoos and aquariums increase their virtual tour capabilities in the near future but in the meantime, the Cincinnati Zoo is hosting a Home Safari Facebook Live event every day at 3 pm EDT. During this time the zoo will highlight one awesome animal and include an activity kids can do from home.


10 Famous Museums Offering Virtual Tours.

Bueno, es una gran lista que de seguro al verla, se agobiarán, pero les recomiendo, que no se pongan como meta fustrarse en realizar TODO. Son recursos que están ahí a la mano, y muchas veces no lo vemos. Y que pueden ser útiles para estos momentos de ocio universal.

Cuidense mucho, y manténgan la calma. Les dejo una playlist con la que escribí el post, mientras mi hija se duchaba.

Créditos de mis 50 recursos gratuitos de aprendizaje en línea para niños.
1. Ms. Lisa Gilbert. Teacher de mi niña.

2. Jen Millard Blogger the

3. Canadian Freelance Guild.

Fuentes oficiales para consultar información sobre COVID-19 en países de Iberoamérica

No olviden, disfrutar cada despertar, retos y vivencias!



Keep calm, spring will come soon! Foto by Yannis Lobaina_2019