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Quiero comentarles que me he unido a esta comunidad de amantes de la fotografía. Me encanta como la comunidad es super interactiva, y sobretodo nos damos feedback en nuestros procesos creativos.

Aquí, pueden ver más sobre mi página. Y un poquito sobre esta foto, la cuàl quedo seleccionada para el Spring 21 Award. Estoy muy honrada, y feliz ya que INNER PEACE Self Portrait es una serie en la que vengo trabajando hace un tiempo. Muchas gracias, por leerme, y por sus buenas vibras!Feliz semana a Todos/ as.


INNER PEACE Self Portrait Yannis Lobaina
I NNER PEACE Self Portrait Yannis Lobainahttps://www.viewbug.com/photo/93147900

INNER PEACE Self Portrait Yannis Lobaina

Series of Self-portrait and Self- reflection photography

settingsAperture f/2 ISO 50 Shutter 321/50000 Focal Length 84/25 


upload_dateMar, 2021




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Behind The Lens Edit


I took this photo in one of my favourite hotels in the province of Ontario. In-room 333 at the Horseshoe Resort. During our weekend off. Inner peace arose from that moment in which my body, mind and spirit aligned while I meditated, in that place surrounded by the smell of the Pines.


This photo I took on April 21, 2019, Sunday at 10:10 am. At the same time, my husband and daughter bathed in the pool. I knew it would take an hour, so that morning, I woke up with the idea of writing a story set in that place. As I meditated by the window, I discovered that the light was perfect for documenting the room and working on some self-portraits.


This photo specifically was one of those photos that are not repeated anymore—a magical moment. I used the natural light from the window, although it was raining and cloudy, the hotel’s small table lamp and the portrait setting on the Smartphone HUAWEI CLT-L04.


This was shot with my smartphone of the moment, HUAWEI CLT-L04. F2 1/56. 3-36mm ISO 50. I used the Neewer ck30 tabletop Tripod. I tried several repeating shots with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and could not achieve this result. I have them saved for other times.


What inspired me the most to take this photo was the location and the moment of peace I had to experience different shots with various cameras. This photo is part of a series of conceptual photographic self-portrait that I started working on four years ago. My references for this still unpublished series are the artists Remedio Varo, Cindy Sherman and Krishna VR.


In this particular photo, I hardly did post-processing since I like to work with natural light and capture the magic of that moment without editing much. I just adjusted the light a little bit on the final edit.

In my camera bag

As I am a mother, I must walk lightly. So in my camera bag is a small backpack with the essentials. First, I always carry two Lens, 50mm and 75-300mm, both canon. My APUTURE AMARAN LED VIDEO LIGHT AL-F7 is super lightweight and Portable. I also always carry Pocket Box Speedlite Softbox Kit. Some Hoya pro UV filters. And, of course, a tripod, extra batteries, and cards. In Gears issues, I am still trying to learn to buy the necessary and most beneficial type of photography I want to take.


I recommend first be patient, take many shots from different angles, with other cameras and lighting. And the main thing that they have fun taking the photo, that they are relaxed and energetically connected with what they want to have in their photography. For me, a self-portrait is our true face to the world. It is genuine and captures the essence with which you vibrate at that moment.

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A MOTHERHOOD ARTIST NETWORK (Aka A.M.A.N.) a FREE FB group hosted by Yannis Lobaina.

Hoy, quiero compartir con ustedes un proyecto en el que he estado trabajando durante algunos meses. Decidí crear un grupo FB para conectarme con otras madres artistas, algunas de las cuales son amigas mías, desde hace mucho tiempo,otras que conocí en mi vida profesional en Canadá. Todas son bienvenidas, sin importar dónde se encuentren. Gracias al Internet, todas podemos estar conectadas y crear una comunidad global ilimitada.

Today, I want to share with you a project that I have been working on for some months. I decided to create an FB group to connect with other artist mothers, some of whom have been friends with me for a long time, others whom I met in my professional life in Canada. All are welcome, no matter where you are. Thanks to the Internet, we can all be connected and create an unlimited global community.

A MOTHERHOOD ARTIST NETWORK (Aka A.M.A.N.) a FREE FB group hosted by Yannis Lobaina. Será un lugar seguro para conectar, compartir y crecer juntas como madres, autoras y artistas. Mi intención es crear una COMUNIDAD DE APOYO LLENA DE INSPIRACIÓN Y ANIMACIÓN en nuestro día a día como madres y creadoras.

Este grupo es un sitio pacífico para ayudarnos a navegar mejor el negocio de autoras independientes y compartir con todas nuestros caminos de conocimiento en este desafiante proceso para ser una artista femenina y MADRE en Canadá y el mundo.

A MOTHERHOOD ARTIST NETWORK (Aka A.M.A.N.), a FREE FB group hosted by Yannis Lobaina.
It will be a safe place to connect, share and grow together as mothers, authors and artists. My intention is to create a COMMUNITY OF SUPPORT FULL OF INSPIRATION AND ANIMATION in our day to day as mothers and creators.
This group is a peaceful site to help us better navigate the freelance business and share our knowledge paths in this challenging process to become a female artist and MOTHER in Canada and the world.

A MOTHERHOOD ARTIST NETWORK (Aka A.M.A.N.) a FREE FB group hosted by Yannis Lobaina.

Here you can find the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/203876221028428

Si eres una madre y artista considera unirte a este global grupo para romper los patrones y apoyarnos unas a otras.


Feliz lunes!

My window gallery, I decided to leave it up for the rest of June.


My window gallery, I decided to leave it up for the rest of June.

where they operate programs and services for women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness.

My window gallery, I decided to leave it up for the rest of June. And donate a portion of the proceedings to Nellie’s Shelter.

where they operate programs and services for women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness. I listened to all of your feedback and suggestions about my photography exhibition in the window this past Saturday, 20, 2020 as a part of The National Arts Drive in Toronto.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you to have come to visit me, share it, and ask me about it. So, I decided to leave it up for the rest of June.  https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10158411960832368&set=pcb.10158411969932368

Let me know If you would love to purchase one of my pieces, of the series; Rebirth or Awake. Your support makes a real difference to me. It allows me to donate a portion of the proceedings to Nellie’s Shelter, where they operate programs and services for women and children who have and are experiencing oppressions such as violence, poverty and homelessness. 

If you love my photographs, please share the love or sending me some encouragement vibes either on Instagram or on Facebook. 

Also, online you can find in my shop in REDBUBBLE some vital merchandise for you and other products with my photographs. Like this:


Thanks for letting me bring my artwork and energy into your home. 

Les dejo buena música para alegrar el camino,

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Happening Multicultural festival LIVE del 25 al 30

Hola, espero que todos se encuentren bien. Les invito a que conecten con este Festival Multicultural, que esta vez, todos podrán ver desde sus casas y desde cualquier parte del mundo. Desde ya, GRACIAS.

Este año, volveré a ser parte de Happening Multicultural festival LIVE del 25 al 30. Y estoy super agradecida, ya que en medio de esta pandemia, seguir trabajando en lo que nos gusta, mas que un privilegio es un compromiso con nuestra comunidad.

Recursos para apoyar el HOMESCHOOLING(in times of crisis). Y Miles de películas gratis en Kanopy.

Miles de películas gratis en Kanopy. Y Recursos para apoyar el HOMESCHOOLING (in times of crisis)

Les quiero compartir, recursos que me parecen muy buenos, los he ido compilando de varias fuentes. Me parecen esenciales para equilibrar estos días sin escuela y sin vida social. Espero que les sean útiles. HOMESCHOOLING (in times of crisis) no es una tarea fácil para algunos padres, por lo que lo más recomendable según psicólogos, y educadores es acompañar a nuestros niños, pasar tiempo de calidad, y realizar juegos en donde puedan aprender algo cada día.

Kanopy, me gusta mucho, porque a demás de tener miles de películas gratis sin anuncios, sólo necesitas tu tarjeta de la biblioteca, y con ello podrás acceder cada mes a ocho películas gratis. Puedes encontrar una variedad de películas galardonadas en festivales, documentales muy buenos, y una sección muy bien curada para los niños. Y semanalmente, van agregando nuevos títulos.

Kanopy Kids, tiene una opción para acceso a controles parentales. En donde podemos limitar lo que nuestros pequeños pueden ver según la edad.

Y si te aburres con tantas películas, noticias, y estudios, y a tu pequeño(a) le gusta dibujar, les recomiendo este maravilloso canal de Mo Willems. Este es uno de los autores preferidos de Amélie. Descubrir estas clases han sido una gran bendición. Nos encanta.

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Les dejo aquí 17 h 8 min de Música. Mi Playlist_ Aquarius Mood in time of COVID by Yannis Lobaina. Inspired in the Book: Astro poets Your guides to the Zodiac by Alex Dimitrov and Dorothea Lasky. Flatiron Books.

Cuidense mucho, Un gran abrazo,