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Halifax production company takes premier to task over digital tax credit comments

Arcadia Entertainment staff say they need the former film tax credit to do their jobs

Segunda Entrevista especial para el blog: Kelli Morehouse

Kelli Morehouse, durante Diez y nueve décadas ha trabajado en la Industria de cine y TV de Nova Scotia. Morehouse es Prop Master, ha trabajado en todos los grandes proyectos internacionales que se han filmado en Nova Scotia, tales como: Trailer park boys 2 features; Moby dick feature; Drunk and on drugs series; Lizzie Borden series; Mr. D series.

Kelli Morehouse, de manera muy amable accedió a responder mis tres preguntas

Entrevista a Chris Brown. Primera parte

The government has decided not to change their stance on how they administer the new tax incentive fund. The new tax incentive fund is non competitive. That is to say that it can’t compete with any other region in Canada as far as offering the same sort of incentive.