Segunda temporada de WE SHOULD TALK.

Hola, queridos amigos y lectores. Hoy, quiero compartir con ustedes mi segunda temporada de WE SHOULD TALK.

“We Should Talk”  Series of Bilingual (Spanish -English) Conversation Hosted and Produced   By  Yannis Lobaina. 

We should talk about Life,  Motherhood,  Dreams, Art, & Success. 

Cover artwork  “There Are Those Who See” by Joyce Aldrich. 

I am very grateful to have as a guest my new friend Jasmine, whom I met during the creative writing workshop organized by Muse Art.

And it took only a couple of hours to feel the empathy that would unite us until now. It is that sometimes, the physical distance does not matter to feel connection with the other person.

“Jasmine Delaviz. is an Iranian educator, writer, and poet who currently resides in Southeast Asia, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature.

Jasmine is the founder of Life Abroad Cultural Community (LACC), an organisation of literature, arts, and philanthropy enthusiasts that aims to connect, unite, and support  like-minded individuals in promoting the welfare of those in need, especially in the education sector.

Jasmine has a perpetually growing passion for Literature and Arts and has been sharing her love of writing with her pupils for over a decade now. Aquí pueden escuchar la convesación completa. Gracias. Bendiciones!

Jasmine recommendation:

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman.

Happening Multicultural festival LIVE del 25 al 30

Hola, espero que todos se encuentren bien. Les invito a que conecten con este Festival Multicultural, que esta vez, todos podrán ver desde sus casas y desde cualquier parte del mundo. Desde ya, GRACIAS.

Este año, volveré a ser parte de Happening Multicultural festival LIVE del 25 al 30. Y estoy super agradecida, ya que en medio de esta pandemia, seguir trabajando en lo que nos gusta, mas que un privilegio es un compromiso con nuestra comunidad.