Yannis Lobaina’s  writing has appeared in several literary magazines including   Paralelo 

Sur y Revista Quimeras (Barcelona). 

2020 Deeply rooted. Short story. Anthology Relatos entrecruzados. Publisher Canada, Ottawa. 

2020 A new ritual.  Microstories about confinement. Published in the First Virtual Literary Meeting with Imagina.

2020 Currently working Serie of Picture Book Amélie Claire and the Crows of Moirs Mill. 

2019 These boots are made for walking in the snow. Story developed, thanks to the 

Workshop with Katherine Govier. Presented at George Ignatieff Theater, March 31 

and April 2, 2019. 

2018 In Stories we Share. Poetry Zine. Sick Muse art projects. For Poems. Toronto. 

2018 Juana of Leon. That’s Me. Published anthology The Oval Portrait. By Wings Press, San Antonio, Texas. 

2017 Juana de León, esa soy yo. Quimera No.399. 

2014 Dossier Literature Cuban. 



2012 Juana de León, esa soy yo, Anthology, El retrato Ovalado, Published by Thesaurus. 

2011 Short story, Ménage à Troi

 2011 Mamá Juega a las cuquitas Anthology, Las Cuentas Cuentos. Published by Gente Nueva. 



2008 Cuban-film-school-trains-its-focus-on- cinema-and-life/414786.article

2004 Cities Collection of short stories published by ParaleloSur.


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