Storytime in Spanish with Yannis Lobaina

Celebrating Toronto?s Spanish-speaking community through stories, songs, and collages! Writer and filmmaker Yannis Lobaina will be leading us through the creation of handmade books. These books will be filled with the stories and ideas of those who attend this event. All supplies will be provided, the only thing you have to bring is your imagination.

Día Mundial de los Refugiados

Lo cierto es, que las crisis de migración, de refugiados,  es una catástrofe de salud mental, que deja a millones de personas, niños, necesitados de apoyo psicológico para superar los traumas y  conflictos de arriesgarlo todo. 


Originalmente publicado en happy sew lucky patterns & kits:
April 23, 2018 was a sad day for Toronto. Shocking, scary and incredibly tragic. My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones, friends and colleagues. And also to those who were hurt either physically, or emotionally by what they witnessed. Healing is a…